Apprentice butchers and retired pigs

The supermarket around the corner had another great deal: this week all marinated pork chops 35% off. I like pork chops but I don’t eat them too often. They make a good dinner with veggies and potatoes but I’m not fond enough of potatoes to have them for dinner more than once a week.

Now […]

Shrinking Fish

I like food. Homecooked, Chinese takeaway, delivery pizza, even a burger from the big M place, I chew it all away happily as long as I don’t have to eat the same two days in a row. I hate to be bored. Yes, I do like food and it shows. So a while back I […]

Can Openers

What’s up with can openers these days? In the past two weeks I’ve spent like $25 on a variety of can openers and either they don’t work at all or they give up the next day. The last one I purchased was called ‘Chef’s Choise’ and I guess that’s a fitting name because no decent […]