Can Openers

What’s up with can openers these days? In the past two weeks I’ve spent like $25 on a variety of can openers and either they don’t work at all or they give up the next day. The last one I purchased was called ‘Chef’s Choise’ and I guess that’s a fitting name because no decent chef will need a can opener. Unfortunately I’m not a chef nor are my cats. So how hard is it to make a can opener that does what it should do: open cans without a problem?

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  • I think I have 4 can openers, 3 manual, one electric. The electric works well but is very wierd, cuts the lid off a bit into the cans which makes it hard to drain stuff like tuna without the tuna going into the sink.

    I cannot find the others 90% of the time and when I do find them they don’t work. Even the cats gave up on the can openers.

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